Lenore Walker - The Art of Living®

Lenore Walker - the Art of Living®

Souling® Creative Counselling, Art and Art Instruction

Customer Testimonials

"Lenore's demo of fluid acrylics and layering techniques was one of the best I've ever seen! It was fun and so informative. I was inspired and went back to my studio ready to paint!"

St. Catharines Art Association (SCAA) member, Niagara Region


"This art therapy group is the first place I've felt loved and accepted exactly as I am..."I've learned so many practical things from Lenore about how to handle challenges in my recovery. It is great!"

- CASON Art Therapy Group, Niagara Region


"I am thankful for Lenore's guidance and the tools I've learned...she is an amazing soul and I've been learning that I am too"

- Anonymous, Souling®  Individual Session Life-Artist